These are some of the games I worked on over the years. Click the images to find out more about each title.


Door Kickers

Door Kickers is a real-time strategy game developed and published by KillHouse Games. I designed the sound effects, composed the music and handled all the voice over for this indie gem. Reception was excellent, with Rock Paper Shotgun naming it their  "Best Tactics of 2014" title.


Door Kickers: Action Squad

DK Action Squad is a side-scrolling sequel to the original DK, with retro graphics, co-op multiplayer and a crazy sense of humor. For this title I created the sound effects and handled all the voice over tasks, from casting for actors to editing and designing the voices.


Patch Quest

Patch Quest is a game about exploring and getting muddy. More to the point, it's a tile-based isometric adventure with surprising depth and complexity. The game is still in development, receiving regular monthly updates. I worked on the ambience system, created numerous sound effects (there still are some placeholders at the moment) and composed the music.


Hades' Star

Hades' Star is an original strategy game that offers a large, persistent, constantly growing, connected universe, where thousands of players participate simultaneously. It is created by ex- Bioware and Supercell developers. I enjoyed creating the music and sound effects for this immersive experience.


Race Time

Race Time is a very enjoyable multi-platform one-click racing game from Peoplefun. It's still getting thousands of daily players more than a year after the last update. I wrote the music and created all the sound effects for this casual title.


Adventure Smash

Adventure Smash is a puzzle adventure game with match-3 mechanics featuring a variety of characters and worlds. I created the music, sound effects and handled the voice overs over more than two years of development.



Wordscapes is an incredibly addicting word game that combines the best of word searching and crosswords for excellent brain-challenging fun. It has spent many weeks as the number one puzzle game on the Apple Store, and for good reason. I created all the music and sound effects for this casual gem.